EHC Digital Health Semifinal

London, UK

8-10 October 2019

Jury Members

Marta Gaia Zanchi

About Marta Gaia Zanchi

Marta Gaia Zanchi holds M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Stanford University (California), where she has always applied her expertise to create technologies that improve health care. During her 12 years at Stanford University, first as a doctoral student then as a faculty member and founding director of digital health at the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign, her efforts turned from designing software and hardware devices to walking the full process of health technology innovation. Trained in management and in regulatory affairs, including at the Food & Drug Administration, she found in Biodesign her toolkit and philosophy and built on it. Stanford afforded her the opportunity to help advance innovation, education, and technology translation in health care not just within academia but also outside, as founding chief executive officer of one startup, advisor and consultant to numerous, equity partner for deep- tech venture capital fund Data Collective (DCVC) in Silicon Valley, and most recently, founding managing partner of health-tech micro fund Nina Capital in Europe. At Nina Capital, she supports ambitious European founders building companies at the intersection of healthcare and information technology, with a vision for the future of medicine in which data derived through computing, IoT and sensor technologies deliver meaningful insight for improving health. In any and all her endeavors, she is an advocate for responsible and collaborative health technology innovation grounded on the understanding of true needs.

Rui Falcao

About Rui Falcao

Rui Falcao is a professional angel investor, co-founder and managing partner of REDangels, the leading angel group in Portugal comprising 65 angel investors from 10 countries. Coming initially from a software engineer background, Rui is a serial entrepreneur of the internet booming days, participating as entrepreneur and angel investor in more than 20 startups in technologies and communications sector. Considering health area investments, Rui was the first business angel of companies such as PLUX, body bio signals monitoring,; Nu-rise – related with radiotherapy cancer treatment – and HopeCare – a tele-health company Rui has the complete experience of the entrepreneurial cycle going from the founding stage, validation, growth and internationalization, failure, and successful exits. Rui has received several awards during his career, regarding entrepreneurship and creativity. Rui was founder and board member of business angels and charity associations, always committed with common good for society. His passion and effort are driven to develop a professional angel network brand and support gatekeepers and angel groups to become more professional, providing excellent angel experience and active engagement. Rui was a university assistant before he decided to enter the entrepreneurial adventure. There is an extra life challenge to create thought and credibility about angel investing by doing a Ph.D. on angel investor goals and values.

Marc Lambrechts

About Marc Lambrechts

Marc Lambrechts is Senior Investment Manager at Capricorn Venture Partners NV and currently investing out of the Capricorn Digital Growth Fund, dedicated to investing in data driven companies.  This venture capital fund addresses the growing number of start-up and scale-up investment opportunities emerging from the increasing conversion of data to actionable insights as well as the soaring use of artificial intelligence and data science technologies. Within this scope, we mainly focus on applications in two verticals being Digital Health and Industry 4.0. Marc serves on the board of FEops, Bluebee, Indigo Diabetes, Sensolus, Arkite and Leuven.Inc and was in charge of the successful investments in e.g. Enfocus, FillFactory and Punch Powertrain. Prior to joining Capricorn Venture Partners worked at IWT, now Vlaio and in the R&D lab of Terumo Europe NV. Marc has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from KU Leuven ESAT, Belgium based on his research on biosensors and microsystems.

Robert P. Mollen

About Robert P. Mollen

Robert P. Mollen is a US-qualified corporate lawyer who has been resident in Fried Frank’s London office since 1991. Bob regularly advises technology companies, including emerging companies, in connection with their establishment and expansion of US operations, US commercial agreements and joint ventures, and their securing of investment from venture capital firms, corporate venture funds and angel investors. More generally, he provides advice on cross-border expansion and investment and helps companies to address startup and scale-up business issues and corporate-startup collaborations. He has written extensively on these subjects, and also mentors at a number of accelerators in the UK, continental Europe and Israel.

Simon Turner

About Simon Turner

BSc in Biomedical Sciences, MSc in International Business: „I knew early on that I was not cut out to be a researcher, rather combining both science and business somehow. Beginning my career in consulting focused on pharmaceutical strategy, I later moved into the life science venture capital space working for a Paris-based VC called Kurma Partners. My initial focus was Orphan disease therapeutics, but then moved onto a Diagnostics/e-health dedicated fund where I worked on 10 early-stage investments (equity and licensing). Since September 2017 I freelance, mainly focusing on bringing my strategic experience to early-stage companies with highly operational teams. In addition, I have worked actively with various advisory panels including for the Swedish Innovation Agency.

Christoph Massner

About Christoph Massner

Dr. Christoph Massner is an Analyst in the Earlybird Venture Capital Health Fund. He works on deal sourcing, due diligence and deal closing in the sectors of digital health, medical devices, diagnostics, R&D platform technologies, and biopharma. Currently, he serves as a board observer of the Munich-based digital health company wellabe. Christoph holds a PhD in Synthetic Biology from the Technical University of Munich.

Valentin Bejan

About Valentin Bejan

Co-founder of Health Tech Hub Copenhagen. Formerly Head of Innovation at Momentum Mental Healthcare. Worked on prevention models expanding care outside of the clinics. Former top-tier management consultant. Worked on four continents with clients ranging from SMEs and the public sector to hospitals and large multinationals. Mentor and coach in several leading accelerators, supporting startups to function and expand internationally. Digital Vanguard for Exponential Medicine 2018 (Singularity University).



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