EHC Medtech Semifinals

Place: Grenoble, France

Date: 01. – 03. October 2018

Find all information on the programme, registration process, etc. soon.

The Medtech Semifinalists are

  • ADmit Therapeutics: IVD test for early Alzheimer’s disease (AD) detection, based on blood epigenetic biomarkers
  • Aenitis: Continuous, contactless and pressureless sorting of cells in suspensions
  • Biopromic: Working to change the future of rapid, point-of-care diagnostics for the detection of infectious diseases
  • GlyCardial Diagnostics: Developing a novel in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test for the detection of ApoJ-Glyc blood levels for the early diagnosis of cardiac ischemia
  • HydrUStent: Biodegradable, anti-bacterial and tailor-made ureteral stent
  • Inga Wellbeing: Comfortable, dignified clothing to empower patients and promote a faster recovery
  • Kirubotics Surgical Solutions: Universalizing Robotic Surgery: Laparoscopic Robotic Surgical System for Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) for Pelvic and Abdominal procedures
  • Latch Medical: Rapid, robust, reliable and readily reversible catheter securement
  • Medical Magnesium: Developing the next generation of implants
  • Neurallys: Providing a new life to patients with hydrocephalus
  • PlasmaCure: Healing chronic wounds and preventing from amputation
  • Ri.Te: Cost-effective PET scanners for training and medical research
  • Sensars: Restoring limb functionalities to people affected by extremities amputation or nerve damages
  • Suturion: Developing and evaluating a sewing machine for long surgical suture lines
  • TADAMedical: No more patient injuries caused by dislodged medical tubes
  • VitaDX: Innovative medical device for early bladder cancer diagnosis

For any questions on the Medtech Semifinal just contact Anais Delicourt.

Anais Delicourt
CLC France