EHC Biotech Semifinals

Place: Leuven, Belgium

Date: 24. – 26. September 2018

The public pitches to the jury will be during the EIT Health Investors Forum on September 26. Find all information on the programme, registration process, etc. here.

The Biotech Semifinalists are

  • AptaTargets: Immune modulator for acute treatment of stroke
  • Aquarray: Novel highly miniaturized biochemical and cell based Screenings
  • Cambridge Oncometrix: Cost-effective early detection of prostate cancer
  • Digital Test Tube: The World’s First Integrated PCR Software Solution
  • FreeOx Biotech: Oxidative Stress and New Neuroprotective Agents
  • Gedea Biotech: An antibiotic-free and safe treatment of vaginal infections
  • KYME NANOIMAGING: Prophetic Nanoimaging for Well-Being
  • LIfT BioSciences: The world’s first cell bank of ‘cancer killing neutrophils’
  • Nanoligent: Self-assembling protein nanoparticle that selectively kills metastatic cells
  • Pharmgenomics: The World’s first affordable stool-based tumor DNA colorectal cancer (CRC) screening test
  • Sinntaxis: Developing the first medical therapy restoring functional abilities after stroke
  • Smart Immune: A platform to regenerate your immune system
  • Synmabtix: Developing immune modulating therapeutic antibody leads
  • SyNoesis: A novel multi-acting drug to cure Parkinson’s disease and other major brain diseases

For any questions on the Biotech Semifinal just contact Bart Haex.

Bart Haex
CLC Belgium and The Netherlands