What can I get?


    a total of 135,000 € awarded


    in front of top-level seeds or series A investors from world leading medtech, biotech, pharma and IT companies

  • 360° TRAINING

    by experienced mentors and top experts in their field, tailored to the entrepreneur’s needs.


    with leading, innovative health care start-ups from all over Europe

    with a rich alumni program and with follow-up networking events

Is this competition for me?

Yes, if :

You are a European micro or small enterprise (SME) < employees, a spin-off or a start-up

  • active in the field of medtech, biotech or digital health
  • with an innovative businesses concept
  • searching for seed or series A funding
  • incorporated by the end of 2017

DEADLINE : 30 April 2017


  • Uniqueness and innovativeness  of approach
  • Clearly identified product or service
  • Market potential
  • Major market risks and technical risks identified and evaluated
  • Feasibility of the deployment plan
  • Qualified team with the capacity to bring the innovation to market
  • Impact on societal challenge


  • Regional selection

    • Submit an executive summary online by 30 April 2017
    • The 42 best start-ups will enter Step 2 :  The top two in each category: Medtech, Biotech and Digital will represent the region
    • Regional selections may occur on-site

  • International Training and Selection Days (Semifinals)

    • Participate in training camps with pitch competition
    • Get into contact with trainers and investors
    • The Biotech training and selection days take place in Heidelberg on 4-6 October. Please check the website for details of the Medtech camp in Barcelona and Digital Health camp in Brussels which will take place in the 2nd half of September.

  • EIT Health Summit

    • Be invited to London for the Health Summit 2017 at the 4th-5th of December 2017 as one of the 21 finalists
    • Teams will participate in additional training, pitches & meetings with investors and C-level industry.
    • Prize money is awarded to the top startups in each category.

DEADLINE : 30 April 2017


Contact information for interested investors and applicants

Applications for
Name Email
Germany and Switzerland

Investors’ contact for Biotech semifinal in Heidelberg

Eva Maria Gottmann
Birgit Rogell
France Anais Delicourt anais.delicourt@eithealth.eu
Belgium and The Netherlands

Investors’ contact for Digital health semifinal in Brussels

Menno Kok
Bart Motmans
UK and Ireland Paul Anglim paul.anglim@nuigalway.ie
Scandinavia Palle Hoy Jacobsen
Lykke Margot Ricard

Investors’ contact for Medtech semifinal in Barcelona

Marco Pugliese marco.pugliese@eithealth.eu
Applications for EIT Health Innostars Peter Nagy peter.nagy@eithealth.eu

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